Gogabill Lake

Gogabil lake of Katihar district is one of the largest wetlands of Bihar. Area of the lake is about 217 acres and its extent is 5 km by 1 km. In the past, the lake was directly linked to the Ganga and Mahananda. During the peak rainy season and floods, the lake communicates to these rivers through channels and tributaries.
The place is a virgin area suitable to serve as sanctuary for many varieties of terrestrial and aquatic animals, birds and plants. The rich flora and fauna of the area has an enormous potential to develop as a national park and tourism center.
Nearly 300 migratory birds come to the lake and its vicinity during monsoon and winter from the Caspian Sea and Siberian region. To preserve and protect them, Gogbil lake area should be declared and maintained as a closed and protected area.

About Gogabill Lake

Geography of Gogabil Lake
Gogabil lake is situated in Amdabad block of Katihar district. It is 217.99 acres in area out of which 143.84 acres is purely lake belonging to the Government of Bihar under thana no.252 and mouza Jangalatal. The nearest airport is 60 km away at Purnia. Patna is about 300 km away. The nearest railway station is Manihari and Katihar junction is at 25 km. The lake proximity is linked to the district town by a state highway. The national highway No.31 is about 40 km towards NE of this lake. The boundaries of the protected area of the lake are :-

  • North – Kaccha from Kumaripur to Roshna .
  • South – REO Road from Amdabad Mahananda Embankment .
  • West - PWD road from Manihari to Kumaripur.

Birds of Gogabil Lake

Platales leucorodes Anser anser
Anser indicum Anus acuta
Anus poecilorhyancha Anus creca
Anus strepera Anus guarguedule
Gallinago stronura Gallinago gallinago
Gallinago minime Netta rufina
Fulica arta Pulvialis apricaria
Circus aeruginous Podiceps rufficollis

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